WG510 Stainless Steel stockpot
  • WG510 Stainless Steel stockpotWG510 Stainless Steel stockpot

WG510 Stainless Steel stockpot

Stock Pot: 18x14/20x16/22x18/24x20/26x21/28x22/30x23/32x24cm
Winco is a professional manufacturer of stain steel kitchenware that have more than 30 years industry experience.we supply WG510 Stainless Steel stockpot. we devoted cookware set many years,covering most of Europe and West Asia, Northeast Africa market.


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Product Description

WG510 Stainless Steel stockpot Introduction

WG510 Stainless Steel stockpot is suitable for big family use. The design of the high stock body and big edge.big size can be satisfy with a big family cooking. It was made up with good quality stainless steel, iron and glass. It can be use to electric stoves.

1.Product Parameter (Specification)

Stock Pot 18x14/20x16/22x18/24x20/26x21/28x22/30x23/32x24cm

2.Product Feature And Application

1.High-quality Stainless steel stockpot with glass lid and S/S handles is suitable for commercial use, mostly used in hotels, restaurants and large canteens and other places.
2.Food warms quickly and material retains heat well.
3.Suitable for all cooking sources: electric and gas stovens or glass and ceramic or halogen burners.
4.Different sizes are used according to different needs
5.Handles will not heat up.
6.Practical and attractive.
7.Easy to clean.
8.This pot is mostly used in religious countries

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