WF101 stainless steel Frypan
  • WF101 stainless steel FrypanWF101 stainless steel Frypan

WF101 stainless steel Frypan

Saucepan: 20x4/22x4/24x4/26x4/28x4/30x4/32x4/34x4/36x4/38x/40x4cm
Winco is a professional manufacturer of stain steel kitchenware that have more than 30 years industry experience. we supply WF101 stainless steel Frypan. we devoted a full range of high quality stainless steel cookware set many years, covering most of Europe and North Africa market.


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Product Description

WF101 stainless steel Frypan Introduction

WF101 stainless steel Frypan have different size. It was made up with stainless steel,bakelite and silicon. It can be use to electric stoves.

1.Product Parameter (Specification)

Saucepan 20x4/22x4/24x4/26x4/28x4/30x4/32x4/34x4/36x4/38x/40x4cm

2.Product Feature And Application

1.Made of stainless steel, it has strong anti-rust, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion or anti-cracking properties.
2.Thick handle has strong heat insulation, avoid scalding.
3.Reinforced rivet design is stronger to use and not easy to fall off.
4.With thick and flat bott
5.With thick and flat bottom, food is not easy to stick to the pan.
6.It can used as barbecue pot, wok, stew pot, steak pot, crepe pot, pan, etc.

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