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Avoid Bacteria in Stainless Steel Kitchenware

Avoid bacteria in stainless steel kitchenware
1. The chopstick rest and knife rest should be ventilated. Chopsticks are in direct and frequent contact with the mouth. When storing, it should be ventilated and dry. Some people keep their chopsticks in a cupboard or sealed plastic chopstick rest after washing. These methods are not recommended. You can choose a chopstick holder made of stainless steel wire with good air permeability, and then nail it to the wall or place it in a ventilated place for quick drainage. Some people are used to laying a clean cloth over the chopsticks to keep dust out. In fact, just rinse with water before use. The mulch can hinder the distribution of moisture. In addition, it is not recommended to store kitchen knives in unventilated drawers and knife holders, and well-ventilated knife holders should also be selected.
2. Stainless steel kitchen utensils set with a plate rack. Keeping dishes dry and clean is actually pretty simple. A plate rack is recommended next to the sink. After washing, place the bowl upright, then dump the bowl on the rack. In this way, the dishes dry quickly and naturally, saving trouble and hygiene.
3. Hang up kitchen utensils. Ladles, ladles, spatulas, etc. are all great helpers for making soups, but many people are accustomed to putting these utensils in a drawer or pot with a lid on. It's also not good for keeping dry. Cutting boards tend to absorb water and have many scratches and crevices on the surface, often hiding the remnants of fresh food. If not cleaned or stored properly, food residue can rot, allow bacteria to multiply, and can develop mildew on the surface of the cutting board.
4. To solve these problems, you may also need to make some small improvements to the kitchen: install a sturdy rail between the cabinets or between the walls, and install a hook wall on the kitchen. Hang clean spatulas, colanders, egg beaters, vegetable baskets, and rags, rags, and hand towels from the bars on the rails to keep them away from these devices. On the other end, install a sturdy hook to hang the cutting board to keep it dry. This way, the kitchen can be kept tidy and different dishes can be easily picked up. Note that items hanging outside the cabinet will also be contaminated with dust when air-dried, so they should be carefully cleaned before use.
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