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Stainless Steel Kitchenware Maintenance and Application

Stainless Steel Kitchenware Maintenance and Application
1. Distinguish the material of plastic utensils
This type of utensil is common and is often used when putting food in the refrigerator or microwave. Although they look similar, different materials need to be distinguished. The heat resistance of PP material is about 135 ℃; the material should be avoided heating, and should not be used for acid or fried food; Melamine is resistant to falling and acid and alkali, but pay attention to the heat resistance of specific products; be careful with PVC utensils, as they can release carcinogens when heated. Many people like to use plastic wrap to seal microwave food, but be careful not to seal it, and it is best to keep a distance of more than 3 cm between the plastic wrap and the food.
2. Non-stick pans should be avoided for frying
After a painful lesson, I learned that the non-stick pan cannot be scrubbed with a steel ball, and of course, a hard brush cloth is not suitable for its washing. As long as you soak it, the cleaning of the non-stick pan is actually very easy, because the non-stick pan has a coating called Teflon. If the empty pan is heated at high temperature, stir-fried or cooked with a metal spatula, the coating may be released. Come out, although it has not been confirmed that this kind of paint is harmful to the human body, it still sounds strange, so be careful.
3. Stainless steel pot is not suitable for frying Chinese medicine
Some JMS with weak constitution may need to take traditional Chinese medicine. The best utensil for frying traditional Chinese medicine is a special medicine jar. Be more refined. It is not suitable for Chinese medicinal materials to be boiled in stainless steel pots, because the organic acids or alkaloids contained in Chinese medicinal materials may chemically react with metals after long-term boiling and heating, which may cause the medicines to fail. substance. In addition, stainless steel utensils are not suitable for holding food or wine with strong acidity and alkalinity for a long time.
4. Be careful with rust
Iron pots are actually relatively safe among all pots and pans. Of course, iron pans can't be used to fry traditional Chinese medicine, the principle is the same as that of stainless steel pans. In addition, you should avoid using iron pans to hold food overnight. Mung bean and tea containing tannin, when heated at high temperature, encounter iron, which will make mung bean soup have an peculiar smell and tea with astringency. The maintenance of the iron pan should be washed and dried immediately after use to avoid rust.
5. Aluminum pans should not be used to heat acid and alkaline foods
Aluminum pans are usually treated specially during the production process, so it has the characteristics of chemical stability, corrosion resistance, uniform and fast heat transfer. However, aluminum is easy to react with acid and alkali, so it should be avoided to heat acid and alkaline food. Of course, it should not be washed with strong alkaline detergent to avoid corrosion.
6. Do not choose the inner wall painter of the ceramic pot
The ceramic pot is acid and alkali resistant, suitable for cooking or barbecue, and easy to clean. It is the new favorite of many families. Ceramic utensils painted with metallic pigments should be avoided in the microwave oven to avoid the release of toxins or the reflection of microwaves to cause sparks. If you accidentally buy a ceramic pot with a painted inner wall, you can sterilize it by boiling it for 5 minutes before using it for the first time.
7. Casserole is suitable for soup
Casserole has good heat retention and is often used to cook hot pot or soup. Just like ceramic pots, you should avoid those painted on the inner wall when purchasing. When using the casserole for the first time, it is best to wash it first, add water and tea leaves to boil over low heat, or soak in rice water overnight to soften the internal texture of the casserole.
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