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Distinguish the Advantages and Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils

Distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel kitchen utensils
1. Understand thermal efficiency: Thermal efficiency is an important goal to measure whether a stove is energy-saving or not. The gas industry uses this goal to measure whether a stove is energy-saving, and the inspection statement issued by a professional third party must prevail. Usually, the thermal efficiency is 70%. % or more energy-saving kitchen utensils are a good choice.
2. Noise: Noise is also a kind of pollution, and good energy-saving kitchen utensils have low noise.
3. The temperature of the exhaust port: This is a very simple test method. The temperature of the exhaust port of a good energy-saving kitchen utensil is very low, and the exhaust port of a common stove is basically afraid to approach.
4. Energy saving rate: The energy saving rate is a question that many customers care about. Many manufacturers will make a big fuss about this data. In reality, it is still based on the test data. Usually, the energy saving rate of large stoves is more than 40%.
5. Exhaust emissions: Carbon monoxide generated by incineration is a gas that is harmful to the human body and the environment. The national standard is no more than 0.1%. The smaller the value, the better.
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