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Conditions for the Breeding of Bacteria in Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils

Conditions for the breeding of bacteria in stainless steel kitchen utensils
Many people think that stainless steel kitchenware will never rust. In fact, stainless steel cookware has good corrosion resistance because of the passive film formed on its surface, which is essentially a more stable oxide form. That is to say, although the degree of oxidation of stainless steel kitchen equipment varies according to the conditions of use, it will eventually be oxidized. This phenomenon is often referred to as corrosion.
1. 70% high humidity environment to accelerate the growth of bacteria
The three essential conditions for the growth of bacteria are air, water and sugar. There is a lot of rain in spring and summer, which indirectly increases the indoor humidity, and the increase in humidity also provides a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria. If the home is kept humid for a long time, the chance of bacterial infection will also increase.
2, 30 ℃ suitable temperature to accelerate the growth of bacteria
The big feature of late spring and early summer is that the weather gradually ended the trouble of alternating warm and cold, and the temperature began to rise steadily. The growth rate of germs is still slow in the temperature below 10 ℃, but when the temperature reaches the range of 25-37 ℃, the growth rate will be significantly accelerated, so the spring and summer are also the seasons suitable for bacteria to grow.
3. PH7.0 neutral environment is suitable for bacteria to breed
There are many types of bacteria, some need to grow in an acidic environment, and some need to grow in an alkaline condition. However, a neutral environment is a suitable living environment for most bacteria, so if the room is kept in a neutral environment, the growth rate of bacteria will also be greatly increased.
4. Stainless steel kitchen utensils choose to clean stainless steel kitchen utensils with a special cleaning paste, which is easy to use and saves time. Even if the bottom of the stainless steel pot is dirty, use the cleaning paste to coat the bottom of the pot evenly, and then use a rag. Wipe off the dirt easily. Therefore, as long as it is stainless steel, it can be cleaned with cleaning paste.
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