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Maintenance Tips for Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils

Maintenance tips for stainless steel kitchen utensils
When using a stainless steel steamer, use a slightly warm white rice vinegar to clean the set, then rinse it with boiling water, and wipe the inside and outside before use.
1. Before cooking ingredients, wipe off the water or oil stains inside and outside the stainless steel steamer, which can prevent the outer layer of the pot from turning yellow and black.
2. Minimize long-term empty pot cooking. Long-term empty pot cooking is very easy to burn the pot black, and even the pot body is deformed.
3. The ingredients should not be too full, and the volume should be controlled at 70%-80% of the capacity of the stainless steel steamer as much as possible, otherwise it is very easy to overflow when boiling, making the pot dirty.
4. The stainless steel steamer must be cooked with a simmer.
5. Putting salt in cold water will cause the set of pots to fade, so everyone boils the ingredients and then adding salt will have a stronger maintenance effect on the stainless steel steamer.
6. Although the stainless steel steamer has a strong resistance to strong acid and alkali, it also minimizes the long-term storage of strong acid and alkali ingredients, especially when it is not necessary to place overnight.
7. You can use the warm storage to clean the set of pots, which is convenient and economical.
8. Minimize the use of cold water to immediately clean the high-temperature set of pots to prevent a lot of fog and increase the difficulty of cleaning.
9. To deal with these difficult-to-remove dirt, the stainless steel steamer can be heated with water for a few minutes before cleaning.
10. If there are milky white black spots left in the inner cavity of the pot, it is due to the residual contamination of water and tapioca starch during the whole heating process.
11. If there is a rainbow color in the pot, it is caused by excessive heating of salt and minerals in the ingredients. It can be wiped off with cleaning solution or whitening toothpaste.
12. After the stainless steel steamer is cleaned, wipe the inside and outside of the pot with a dry towel.
13. When the stainless steel steamer is not needed, it should be placed in a dry and cool place, and it does not need to be placed in the area exposed to the sun.
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