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How to properly use stainless steel cookware?

1. It is not allowed to store salt, light soy sauce, vegetable juice, etc. for a long time, because this type of food industry contains a lot of electrolyte solutions. If it is stored for a long time, the stainless steel plate will be the same as other metal composite materials. The chemical change is caused by the dissolution of harmful chemical molecules.

2. The stainless steel storage tank cannot be used to boil Chinese medicinal materials, because Chinese medicinal materials contain a lot of flavonoids, organic compounds and other ingredients, especially under the standard of temperature rise, it is unavoidable not to cause chemical changes with them, thus making the medicines ineffective or even converted into Some personalities have side effects.

3. When cleaning stainless steel cookware, we should not use strong alkaline or strong oxidizing analytical chemicals, such as edible soda ash, bleach, 84, etc. for cleaning, because these compounds are electrolyte solutions, which will be the same as stainless steel. A chemical change occurs on the board.

4. When we use stainless steel cookware, we can use heat treatment furnace instead of gas such as liquefied petroleum gas, compressed natural gas, coal ball furnace, etc., to avoid high temperature water vapor caused by sulfur dioxide, which can easily rust the stainless steel plate.

5. It may be food-grade stainless steel stainless steel plate stainless steel kitchen utensils, such as the stainless steel cookware that is casually packaged in books and newspapers on the street. It is recommended that you do not need to buy it.

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