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How to clean the yellow stains of stainless steel cookware?

Stainless steel products are already common in every household, especially stainless steel pots, which have gradually replaced traditional iron pots. Stainless steel pots are basically kitchen utensils that are used in every household. Compared with the iron pot, this material pot is more convenient to use. However, the only disadvantage is that it is easy to have yellow stains. If not cleaned in time, this yellow stain will become thicker and dirtier, and it will be difficult to clean up. Today, I will teach you a trick, how to clean the yellow stains of stainless steel pot correctly and simply.
For kitchen utensils, whether it is pots and pans or some other things, everyone is used to using detergent to decontaminate when cleaning, but sometimes the detergent doesn't work at all, and some old traces are simply cleaned up Not clean, today I will teach you a method to easily solve your problems. Don't worry, this method is very simple. It is to use tomato paste as the main raw material to make a cleaning agent, and then use it to clean the yellow stains on the stainless steel pot. How to do it?
First, get ketchup, dish soap and white vinegar ready. This is the easiest and most effective formula. Tomato paste is acidic and reacts with metals, use this to clean yellow stains on stainless steel pots, clean and fast. White vinegar has a softening effect to dissolve stains, and dishwashing liquid enhances the cleaning effect and makes the stainless steel pot more shiny. These three things are mixed together into a liquid, which is easy to deal with the yellow stains on the stainless steel pan.

When using, just smear the liquid evenly on the yellow stains and let it stand for 30-40 minutes to allow them to fully react. When the stains are almost dissolved, wipe them repeatedly with a clean scouring pad, and the stains will soon disappear. Stainless steel pot Cleaned as bright as new.

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