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Misunderstandings in the use of stainless steel kitchen utensils and equipment


1. Cooking with added alcohol

When stainless steel kitchen equipment is used for high-temperature cooking, if alcohol is added as a seasoning, the alcohol in the wine will cause the chromium and nickel in stainless steel to dissolve freely. After decomposition and the fusion of food and soup, harmful substances will be produced, which will affect the absorption and digestion of the human body.

2. Boiling traditional Chinese medicine

Under heating conditions, various biochemical substances such as alkaloids contained in traditional Chinese medicine will decompose and easily react with active metal elements in stainless steel kitchenware, which will greatly reduce efficacy and even produce some toxins. Therefore, when boiling traditional Chinese medicine, one should choose a clay pot or a specially made traditional Chinese medicine pot.

3. Use strong acid, strong alkali, bleach or steel balls

When cleaning dirty stainless steel kitchen equipment, it should be noted that strong acid, strong alkaline cleaning agents or bleach are not suitable for cleaning the surface, as they can damage the outer protective layer and cannot be used to scrub steel balls with harder ones. On the contrary, relatively soft fabrics should be used. After each cleaning, the water should be promptly cleaned and kept dry.

4. A raging fire burns fiercely

Although stainless steel has good thermal conductivity, its heat dissipation effect is not ideal. If food is cooked over high heat or high heat, it is easy to blacken the bottom of the pot, which can long-term affect the thermal conductivity of stainless steel kitchen equipment.

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