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What can the Bakeware?


The baking tray can roast vegetables, seafood, fruits, soy products, eggs, and meat.

The bakeware, as the name suggests, is to paint on the porcelain plate through the firing process. The Chinese bakeware art has a long history, and it is a peerless product that is famous all over the world. After thousands of years of development, the bakeware art has been handed down from generation to generation for a long time. The bakeware art has become a well-deserved national quintessence. However, the disadvantages of traditional bakeware, such as high cost, complicated process and low firing power, seriously restrict its development and cannot meet the needs of the personalized market in modern society.

The exclusive stunt of the bakeware only needs a computer and an exclusive equipment. By moving your fingers and clicking the mouse, you can make images on ordinary porcelain plates, porcelain plates, and porcelain cups. The images are clear, colorful, and never fade. The finished products are noble, elegant, and solemn, and become the favorite of fashion consumers. At the same time, Hong Kong's exclusive technology solves the shortcomings of traditional baking pans, and has many advantages that traditional technology cannot match, such as low cost, high output, inability to be scraped off by a knife, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, and air purification.

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